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United Nations responds to Raila’s allegations about the Tetanus Vaccine

The International bodies have issued an official statement on the allegations

According to the WHO and UNICEF, the vaccines are safe and are procured from a pre-qualified manufacturer and Raila’s allegations are not backed up by evidence.

Through their Kenyan representatives who issued the statement, they expressed concern about the matter raised by the Nasa Presidential Candidate saying the tetanus vaccine used by the government of Kenya and UN agencies is not contaminated and can't cause miscarriages or render women sterile.

“The allegations are that the tetanus vaccine used by the Government of Kenya and UN agencies is contaminated with a hormone (hCG) that can cause miscarriages and render some women sterile. These grave allegations are not backed up by evidence, and risk negatively impacting national immunization programmes for children and women.” reads part of the Statement.


The organizations added that they have taken note of the results claiming to contain sterility hormone  are safe.

The statement further reads that if the vaccine had a side effects to women who were given, then the Pharmacy and Poisons Board who are legally mandated as National Regulatory Authority could have disqualified the vaccine on basis of quality, safety and efficacy of the Medicine.

“We have taken note of test results claiming to show levels of hCG in samples submitted to some clinical laboratories. However it is important to note that testing for the content of a medicine. Furthermore the Pharmacy and Poisons Board – the legally mandated National Regulatory Authority has the capacity and mandate to determine the quality, safety and efficacy of medicines and to advise the Government accordingly.” The Statement reads


In a press conference on September 11, the National Super Alliance (NASA) leader accused the government of deliberately sterilizing thousands of women and girls between 14 and 49 years old using the vaccine.

Raila, who was addressing the press from Capitol Hill, said laboratory tests from various hospitals showed the vaccine had traces of a hormone that would render the recipients infertile.

“The Catholic Church was right. Hundreds of our girls aged between 14 and 49 years old will not have children because of the state sponsored sterilization project that was sold to the state as tetanus vaccination,” said Raila.

He said this conviction was arrived at after assessing analysis from Agri Q Quest, Nairobi Hospital, University of Nairobi and Lancet Kenya, and “the results indicate that the vaccine had a high content of Better human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (hCG) that causes sterility in women.”


He described the vaccination a ‘human rights abuse’ and asked the government to publish a full list those who were involved in the process.


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