Chris Kirubi's Daughter Opens Up on the Struggle of Being Billionaire's Child

It is not easy - Chris Kirubi's daughter speaks

Little is known of the battles they have had to come face to face with, trying to establish their own path in this world.

Though many of them undoubtedly have a good life, it is never that easy to change the opinion of people regarding them.

The daughter of well-known business mogul  Chris Kirubi has finally spoken on this matter which is basically a stereotype.

In an exclusive interview with Business Daily,  Mary-Ann Musangi divulged that this has been a daunting task.

Mrs Musangi mentioned that throughout her career life she has encountered the struggle of proving herself to people.

"It’s very difficult in the workplace because I encounter people who already have made an opinion about me even before they’ve met me. I’ve had to prove myself that I’m here because I can do the job not because I’m Chris Kirubi’s daughter,"she was quoted.

The daughter of the billionaire also stated that she had been annoyed by the Kenyan media for writing outrageous stories about her father.

"You would too be angry if someone wrote untrue things about your family, wouldn’t you? But you grow a thick skin and learn to ignore the untruths," Kirubi's daughter told the interviewer.

The 46-year-old further mentioned that being a child from a divorced family she had a struggle getting married to her husband. However, she disclosed that her husband was a nice man who has made her enjoy marriage.

"You know, I’m from a divorced home so I never got an opportunity to experience a family life in that respect. So for me, I was very scared getting married because I didn’t know how that would work. Nobody really taught me," she said.

Musangi owns Olpul— the new steakhouse in Two Rivers and  also Secret Garden, restaurant in 14- Riverside Drive, Nairobi.


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