MPs demand identities of 10 high-profile individuals who grabbed Sh15B land

MPs want 10 individuals named

National Assembly Land Committee chair Rachel Nyamai

The National Assembly Land Committee has demanded for the identities of 10 high-profile individuals involved in a land-grabbing scandal revealed.

The 301,350 parcel of land in contest belongs to the Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) and is valued at Sh15 billion.

Appearing before the Committee, ADC Chairperson Nick Salat stated that the 10 individuals behind the scandal are powerful and have already stated developing the grabbed land.

"I am not in a position to give the names of the influential people. All we are interested in is getting back the land. It is upon investigating agencies to give out the names.

"ADC is not just sitting back watching the land being grabbed, we are on the ground but people who have taken this land are not there. There is massive infrastructure development, mining and construction of dams going on in the land but all these are not recorded in our records. We need to take back our land," he stated.

Committee chairperson Racheal Nyamai demanded for the names to be disclosed, inviting the National Lands Commission (NLC) to attend a meeting on May 13, 2021 to give the details.


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