Musician rides mkokoteni to her simple wedding presided over by Willy Mutunga

Beauty of simplicity

Musician Miriam Ayoo weds Sam Sonko in simple wedding presided over by ex Chief Justice Willy Mutunga

Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga on Sunday presided over a wedding ceremony where musician Miriam Ayoo wed film maker Sam Soko.

The wedding held a the rooftop of the building hosting Pawa 254 offices was one of a kind that revealed the beauty of simplicity.

Pawa 254

Interestingly, the bridegroom rode her bride using a mkokoteni (handcart) to the beautiful ceremony contrary to popular social norms where couples go out of their financial comfort to hire fuel guzzlers for the one-day event.

Pawa 254 is a community organisation founded by activist Boniface Mwangi and seeks to use art for social change.


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