Mutahi Ngunyi's daughter & niece hit back at Murkomen after attack on their family

Murkomen had accused Ngunyi of making vitriol "a family harambee"

Senator Kipchumba Murkomen

A daughter and a niece to political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi have hit back at Elgeyo Marakwet Senators Kipchumba Murkomen who has been embroiled in a tweef with the man who came up with the tyranny of numbers concept.

Ngunyi and Murkomen have a long running twitter beef that sees them throw occasional attacks against each other.

However, the outspoken Senator on Sunday dragged Ngunyi's niece, Daisy Maritim Maina, into the fight after she wrote a scathing commentary against Murkomen on the Sunday Standard.

"Bwana @MutahiNgunyi why are misusing you nephew’s wife @DaisyMaina7 That article was unnecessary, you already made the point on twitter," the former Majority Leader tweeted on Sunday.

Daisy objected to the tag of being used, saying she was an intellectual of her own right and that she was expressing her right of opinion.

"Afternoon Onesmus! @kipmurkomen, let me disabuse your misogynistic mind: I am an intellectual in my own right. I generate thought, I construct analysis and I dismantle simpletons. Mull on that, then we can discuss who between the two of us is being used. Hint: by William Ruto," she responded.

The Senator hit back by accusing Ngunyi of misusing his family by making vitriol a "family harambee".

"Onesmus, where's the debate when u're AVOIDING IT & obsessing about my family tree? Yes Mutahi Ngunyi is my uncle! Now that we've cleared that up, pls explain to us why we should ignore 'brick and mortar' development and focus on your boss @WilliamsRuto's emotions," she opined.

On Tuesday, Ngunyi's daughter, June Mutahi, also weighed in on the debate through the political analyst's Fifth Estate video column.

"This camp is not just about insulting the President but it goes beyond abuse to disrespect. For this camp, they would rather have uneducated electorate than people who understand what their government is doing for them. If they want to be noisemakers, by all means let them," June stated.

Daisy, who was also part of the video column, used the show to condemn the Senator's politics terming them soap-opera politics.

"You know I have an issue with Murkomen. He went on national television and tell us that the President's legacy would not be on infrastructure but on his relationship with his deputy. Really? Does the relationship feed the people? did we vote for a love story?"

"Ruto's feelings do not contribute to our GDP and its tragic leaders like Murkomen use soap-opera politics in governance," Daisy said.


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