Names of Kenyan Drivers Caught Over Speeding Published on National Newspaper [Full List]

Find out if you are on the list

The publication made on Standard newspaper exposed the names of the car owners, the vehicle’s registration number, make of the car, the offense, date when the offense was committed and the location.

The Authority instructed those found on the wrong side of the law to proceed to the nearest NTSA office in the next seven days.

NTSA has revamped safety on the Kenyan roads using various methods including shaming drivers who refuse to adhere to the set regulations.

NTSA Director General Francis Meja last year introduced an instant fine scheme in which drivers are charged a certain amount depending on the offense committed.

According to the Traffic Amendments Act 2014, motorists found exceeding speed limits will pay fines ranging from Sh500 to Sh10,000.

Drivers part with Sh10,000 if found driving 5-10 kph above speed limits.

At the same time, offenders pay Sh3,000 for driving 11-15 kph above the limit and Sh10,000 for exceeding the limit by 16-20kph.

Here is the full list:


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