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I won't stop cause I am not humble enough for you, Deal with it - Larry Madowo tells Kenyans

Those who have been telling Madowo nyenyekea utumiwe na Bwana here is his piece of mind

In his FrontRow column titled: In Kenya, it is ‘humility’ that counts, not ethics, Mr. Madowo sharply condemns Kenyans for demanding him to be modest yet all they wanted was a display of false humility.

According to the journalist, his upfront nature did not augur well with a section of the public because they were too afraid to "accept anyone who is unguarded in their speech, who isn’t afraid to step on toes with unpopular opinions and who speaks their truth boldly".

Madowo opines that Kenyans prefer people who sugarcoat the truth.


He heavily criticizes Kenyans for accepting a facade of humility displayed by politicians, who are simply doing it to get their votes yet they are corrupt and unethical.

"They (politicians) are also the best at affecting humility when it serves them and they need to get votes. Just because your elected representative whose source of wealth remains questionable accompanies you to a protest or a bullfight does not make them Mother Teresa," Madowo opined.

The Trend Show host added that the strangers on social media who have been reminding him that pride comes before a fall had no slight idea of what he had to overcome to get where he is.

"For a child who had major self-esteem issues, I sometimes struggle to figure out how I ended up in a highly visible, public-facing role. Had I remained the socially awkward, moderately shy teenager I was when I joined Form One, I would have ended up a quiet computer technician, not a television journalist.

"I don’t know how I built enough confidence over the last decade-and-a-half to end up here but it saved my life. It is only after I put in all that work that I discovered that Kenyans don’t appreciate confidence because it challenges them and makes them uncomfortable.


"We prefer to be deferential to the point of weakness so that we’re not considered arrogant," he mentioned.

Madowo came under fire following his video announcement on why he will no longer be hosting his popular show The trend.

His message seemed unpalatable for many as he boldly stated that everyone in the Kenyan television industry was trying to be him, therefore he decided to leave the Show.


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