Revealed: How ODM MPs were left in the dark during Ken Okoth's cremation

What we heard next was that the body had been cremated -ODM MP reveals

Kibra MP Ken Okoth;'s body when it arrived at Moi Girls High School for a funeral service

Reports have emerged on how legislators were left in the dark during the interment of the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth.

According to the Standard, Ken's mother had attempted to reach out to Luo MPs to stop the cremation of his son to no success.

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) chairman John Mbadi yesterday insisted there was little the parliamentarians could do to resolve such a delicate family dispute.

Mbadi revealed how the family stopped the party’s plans to fly Okoth’s body to Homa Bay for a funeral service at Rateng’ Secondary School before its interment.

Private ceremony

The whole thing was clouded in so much confusion. Parliament had organised how to fly Okoth’s body to his village, but we were told to hold on and wait for communication from the family."

"Unfortunately, what we heard next was that the body had been cremated,” Mbadi said.

Close relatives of the late Kibra MP protested the morning cremation which some termed as a secretive affair although Ken's brothers and some ODM officials attended the interment.

Maternal family buries banana stem

Okoth’s nephew, Evans Oluoch, lifted the lid on the family feud over the decision to cremate the MP’s body when he publicly expressed shock over the matter on Saturday morning.

We woke up to the news that Okoth had been cremated. The mother was totally opposed to cremation and wanted him buried next to her house in rural Homa Bay,” he said.

On Sunday, the maternal family of the late Kibra MP buried a banana stem to signify his burial, in a ceremony which took less than 20 minutes at Ogenga village in Kabondo Kasipul, Homa Bay.


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