ODM was not supposed to have a presidential candidate in 2022 - Kalonzo

It would be stupid to support Raila a 3rd time - Kalonzo

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka

Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has announced that he will not be supporting former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in the 2022 General Election.

In a statement which has been seen as the Wiper party leader's battle cry, Kalonzo elaborated that his decision has come after being disenfranchised in the 2013 and 2017 elections where he supported Odinga.

Kalonzo stated that he will also be ignoring those who may try to persuade him with promises of succeeding Mr Odinga should he ascend to the Presidency come 2022.

"For me, as of now, it is unthinkable that one Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka will support Raila Amollo Odinga for a third time! I'd rather go to Tseikuru.

"I'd be the most stupid fellow under the sun to go and support for a third time, a presidential candidate without a measure of reciprocity. At sixty-something, if I don't run now when do you expect that I will run? And I know some people will come asking me to support Odinga for a third time, saying 'he will only stay for one term...' I've heard that story before," the former VP scoffed.

Why NASA will not Re-unite

Kalonzo went on to dismiss prospects of reviving the defunct National Super Alliance (NASA) stating that the damage done so far is irreparable.

He noted that the ODM party leader and the ODM party had not lived up to some of the agreements made within the NASA coalition, accusing them of causing the split within the coalition.

Kalonzo stated that the disgruntlement had further been aggravated by name-calling among the four NASA principals.

"The ball is in the court of ODM because they are the ones who killed it [NASA] during the by-election at Kibra where their own Secretary-General announce that NASA is dead. The rest of us objected... but as I said, it would require a miracle for us to rebuild confidence. When you have breach of trust to the extent that leaders cannot meet, they are calling each other names as if they are children and even if some of us want to be 'patanishi' then it will still require a miracle," he explained.

The re-energized veteran politician added that should Raila seek to mend fences with them, he should approach the newly formed One Kenya Alliance.

He, however, clarified that even then, the NASA principals will not relinquish their presidential aspirations to support his.

"ODM was not supposed to field a [presidential] candidate and you will hear them arguing that, 'That assumed that we have already won,' what kind of argument is that? Whom are you trying to deceive?" the party leader stated.


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