Are you police so that I answer? - Police spokesperson snaps at Citizen TV presenter who asked about brutality during curfew

You are a young man, I wish you were of age - police spokesperson

Police spokesman Charles Owino snaps at Citizen TV anchor after question on police brutality during Coronavirus curfew

Police spokesperson Charles Owino on Monday snapped at a Citizen TV presenter who was interviewing him on police brutality during the Coronavirus curfew hours.

Mr Owino who was asked to divulge details on the nature of instructions given to police for the curfew hours refused to respond to the question saying that the presenter is not a police officer.

Sam Gituku posed: "We saw the Inspector General give instructions that those who are found outside during curfew hours should be arrested and taken to court...what are the specific instructions you give to these officers before the curfew?"

I will not answer that - Charles Owino

"Don't you think you are becoming a policeman? You want us to give you the instructions we have given the police...Let's assume today - unfortunately you are still young, but I wish you were of age and you had children who are adults - then we happen to find them out there misbehaving and we come back to you and I ask you 'what instructions did you give your children?'

"I will not answer that, operational instructions remain with the officers and I will not give you operational instructions because you are not one," Mr Owino responded.

The spokesperson further insisted that IPOA will take up investigations on any cases of indiscipline among the police officers.

He also faulted the media on alleged reporting of only unfortunate incidences while failing to sensitize members of the public on their own conduct against police.

Videos have been widely circulated on social media showing instances of police using extreme force on citizens during curfew.

A bodaboda operator in Mombasa succumbed to injuries allegedly afflicted by police two hours before the curfew kicked off on Friday.


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