Politicians were on Saturday engaged in an exchange online following an incident involving Baringo Senator Gideon Moi.

Senator Moi had met a hostile reception at Kapsisywa area, Nandi County where he was scheduled to be installed as a Kalenjin elder.

Talai youth forced his motorcade to turn back after they claimed that he had been disrespectful to Deputy President William Ruto.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria was first to voice his condemnation against the action.

"I have received reports that Senator Gideon Moi was blocked by Nandi residents from visiting Talai elders this morning. This is backward. This is primitive. This is wrong. This is the Kenya that we left behind in 2007-2008. Huko haturudi. Tolerance is a must," he stated.

The post triggered Elegyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen to recount an incident in May 2018 when DP Ruto was turned away from visiting the late former President Daniel Moi at his Kabarak home.

"When Gideon Moi blocked visitors from seeing his father you didn’t mention 2007/2008, When Talai youth block him from seeing their fathers you suddenly pop up with 2007/2008?" the Senator posed before hurling some insults against the MP.

Mr Kuria retorted with: "Everyone is free to do politics in any part of this country. I will never tire from saying this. Political civility and peace are not favours you dish out to other Kenyans. Its an obligation under the constitution. Unpleasant fact: 2007/2008 was borne out of intolerance."

ODM party Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna also joined in the conversation reminding Senator Murkomen of the tenets of the Constitution.

"Ndugu as a lawyer who should know our constitution guarantees freedom of movement and assembly you should not cheer these band of criminals on. But we are not surprised, Ruto's signature is threats, intimidation, hostage taking, and violence. SHAME!" Sifuna posted.

The exchange between Murkomen and Sifuna escalated to a point where Murkomen seemed to attack the Orange party over its history with political violence.

Mr Sifuna, in turn, revived accusations which were brought against DP Ruto at the ICC following the 2007/2008 post-election violence.