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Bad Habits Kenyans Should Leave behind as we enter the new month!

Can we leave these bad habits in October and move to November as renewed people?

A sign encouraging people to quit their bad habits

A new month is a chance to start afresh. It’s an opportunity to welcome challenging goals, positive habits and unique experiences.

But to really give November the best chance at having a great start, it’s a good idea to acknowledge some things that might be better left in October.



Can we all take responsibility and stop stealing from each other. Whether you are employed or you have your business, please pay your dues.

This should trickle up to the leaders in the country too. We have loans and debts to pay and November should be the month when some of these debts are settled. Kenya is perceived as one of the world’s most corrupt countries. It ranked 143 out of 180 countries on Transparency International’s 2017 corruption perception index.

The looting of public coffers is more commonly reported in recent times and the amounts involved are growing. Corruption compromises people’s futures and their development. It also costs a fortune. Rampant corruption will drain any economy of the resources needed as we move to 2022 people in charge of public money stop this vice.

Leaders, Please Mind Your Language


When you are elected into office, people put you to a certain pedestal. Bad language and insults are nothing new in the political spectrum and Freedom of expression do not give one the right to insult those with whom they disagree, but rather to learn to agree to disagree.

Hurling insults on one another simply show that politicians lack substance and are incapable of tackling real issues of national importance. When Kenyans listen to their elected leaders they don’t want to hear who has a better book of profanities, rather they want to hear how their leaders plan to address the economic and social struggles they face every day.

Leave the Church out of Politics Please

I am not suggesting that Christians ought to stay out of politics. Far from it, but only that politics should stop at the front door of the church. Sad to say, Kenyan churches do not hold leaders to account and they have created this image of ‘being in bed’ with politicians.


The church is seen as the place where people who would be questioned for leading the flock away are being sanctified and allowed to bring ‘dark money’ to fund projects and buy the grace of God.

The morals taught in our holy books are not translated into holy lives. The question must be asked, what is our religion for? If we can’t answer this, let us leave politics out of the House of God.

Harambee for Baby Showers

Let's be honest, baby showers aren't just about celebrating your pregnancy with family and friends. They're also an opportunity to make a dent in that long, long list of stuff you need to buy for your baby.


Some have described the extravagance of baby showers as daylight thievery. People make a list of things they want but also ask their guests to contribute for things like the venue and also charge money for entry. That is stealing (refer to point number 1.).

Give your guests options and don’t expect too much. The economy is hard as it is and the Chinese debt will still be paid. Act accordingly when it comes to baby showers in November.


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