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You must stop - Itumbi tells Raila after new demands

Dennis Itumbi has stirred up quite the storm with new statements.

After addressing a crowd in Kibera yesterday Raila sent out a series of tweets that stated that there will be no elections if the IEBC is not reformed before categorically stating that NASA would not partake in another disorganized exercise.

“One of the hallmarks of democracy is a free fair and credible poll. We have striven for and undertaken many reforms in our electoral system. The IEBC, which presided over the bungled elections now intends to conduct a fresh presidential poll without making any structural reforms. We wish to clearly state that there shall be no elections without reforms at the IEBC. We shall not partake in another shambolic exercise.” Read the tweets declaring NASA’s stand.

And Itumbi fired back with “These games must stop, @RailaOdinga Only one institution can set Election dates as per the Constitution - @IEBCKenya #ThePeopleAreSupreme.”


Statements that have roused emotions on Twitter with some declaring that Itumbi’s comments are inappropriate when addressing someone older than you

“When young people start addressing their elders this way, you know it's a lost generation.” Odeo Sirari tweeted.

While Edwin Nyabuto asked why Jubilee doesn’t want the electoral commission reformed.  “If Jubilee believes they have the numbers and they won fairly why is it that they don't want in changes at the IEBC?? Something chicky (sp)”

Mbuve Mariah also tweeted “Raila akisema hakuna elections.Believe me hakutakua elections. Watch this space keenly. In the meantime. Who will move the impeachment motion.”


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