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You are worse than a prostitute, they don’t even betray their customers – City lawyer to Miguna

The lawyer has exposed Miguna's prostitute-like characters.

In a one-page letter addressed to the deported National Resistance Movement leader, Mr Kipkorir described Miguna as a worse off prostitute who, in fact, has turned to betray her customers, adding that Miguna does not deserve to be accepted back to Kenya.

The ‘open letter’ was a response to Dr Miguna’s attack on the city lawyer after he shared a picture of his meeting with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, with a caption “Happy to meet Baba today ... To thank him for what he has done & continues to do for Kenya.”


In response Miguna said: “A chauvinistic Jubilee Party buccaneer meeting a traitor: nothing refreshing,” a response that prompted the letter from Mr Kipkorir, who never minced words.

“On my Twitter today, you accused Baba of being a traitor and me a Jubilee buccaneer. Let me answer you briefly. On Baba you are not worthy to hold a candle to him. His sacrifices and patriotism to Kenya is unrivaled by anyone,” wrote Kipkorir in the hard-hitting letter to Miguna.

He added: “Your cantankerous vituperation against him is like the fart of a pig! You can’t revise history. You are incapable of doing it,” added Kipkorir.


“On my part, I have never belonged to any political party. My only calling is law, I have never profited from any other business other than law. I publish my thoughts and am consistent on them,” argued Kipkorir.

Kipkorir would in his later further urge Miguna just to remain in Canada, as Kenya was better without his drama.

“You break the very basic rule of legal profession, you betray all secrets, real and imagined. You are worse than a harlot, prostitutes don’t even betray their customers,” noted the lawyer.


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