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DP Ruto responds to Uhuru’s scathing remarks on dynasty politics remarks [Video]

The President addressed the issue head-on in the presence of DP Ruto

DP Ruto addressing the public in Vihiga County on Friday

A day after President Uhuru Kenyatta went full-blast, bashing Deputy President William Ruto’s allies who have been building the 2022 campaigns around dynasty vs hustler narrative, Depty President William Ruto has responded to the remarks and led his team in making hasty retreat.

DP Ruto who has on numerous occasions attacked former Prime Minister Raila Odinga with his allies roping in President Kenyatta and calling for an end to dynasty politics on Friday appeared to change tact after Thursday’s warning from the head of state.

Speaking in Luanda in Vihiga County on Friday, Ruto who has in the past appealed to Kenyan voters as a hustler gave a tactful response to the President’s remarks against a narrative popular among his supporters and foot-soldiers.

“Leadership is based on vision, development agenda and one dedication and commitment to implement programs that improve the lives of Kenyans.


“That is the criteria that voters will use to determine their leaders. Leadership is not based on clans, families or communities. We are all equal in the eyes of God,” Ruto stated.

Uhuru responds to Ruto allies on dynasty politics

During the memorial service for Kenya’s founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, the head of state took issues with politicians peddling the dynasty narrative that is popular in DP Ruto’s camp.

"Sijui sasa kama nitaambiwa naongea siasa lakini (I don’t know if I will be accused of playing poolitics), I am not. I promise. I have no such intention. But, you know, when you hear people out there, you know they talk ooh, huyu mtu flani dynasty hii, sijui dynasty hii (so and so belongs to this dynasty),”


It's not about that. Leadership is not about where you were born, it's not about where you came from, it's not about the colour of your skin, it's not about your tribe. It is just about a desire to serve, a desire to do good, a desire to make a difference in the lives of people. And anybody can do that,” he stated.

This was the first time that the president was addressing the matter after his earlier pleas to stop early campaigns fell on deaf ears.

Below is the video, courtesy of KBC.


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