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DP Ruto in dilemma after thorough scolding by Uhuru

Details of DP Ruto’s dilemma after Uhuru’s reprimand as tension escalate in Jubilee

File image of DP William Ruto with President Uhuru Kenyatta

Deputy President William Ruto has found himself in an awkward position after President Uhuru Kenyatta appeared to take him head-on, publicly scolding those opposed to his

With the public reprimand, the DP is now faced with the dilemma of retaliating and firing a salvo at the President, playing down the remarks as he has often done in the past or remaining silent.

In remarks believed to be directed at his deputy who has been attacking Mr Odinga at every available opportunity, Uhuru declared that “Raila has never told me he wants to be President in 2022. Leave Raila Odinga alone. We are busy working with Raila and some people are busy campaigning for 2022.

"Raila tells me do this, and when I do it, it turns out to be even much better. Halafu unaskia watu wengine wanasema ati anavunja Jubilee. Raila anaingilia wapi na Jubilee” Uhuru added.


Should he choose to retaliate, the tension in Jubilee will rapidly degenerate into full-blown war pitting his team Tanga Tanga against team Kieleweke that has made it known that support for DP Ruto is not guaranteed in 2022.

This may also see the DP lose support in the populous Mount Kenya vote block that anyone wishing to win the 2022 contest cannot ignore.

Soy MP Caleb Kositany who is a close ally to the DP revealed that Dr. Ruto has no intention of taking the president head-on and replying to the stinging remarks.

“The DP will move on with his political strategy as it were, and that is to serve the people of Kenya. We still believe that the president was and still is genuine over the handshake, but Mr Odinga had bad intentions over the handshake. He was not genuine,” Kositany said.


Coming at a time when reports of tension and divisions are rife, DP Ruto downplaying the remarks or remaining silent may not go down well with his supporters who expect a more assertive leader capable of giving them political direction.

Secret night meeting

Barely a month ago, details emerged of a secret night meeting hosted by Deputy President William Ruto at his Karen home to discuss President Uhuru Kenyatta’s tough warning that he will not spare even his closest political allies in the graft fight-a quote seen to target Ruto.

The meeting came after President Kenyatta issue a firm commitment to fight corruption, making it clear that nobody -- not even his “closest political ally” -- would stand in the way of the anti-graft fight in what some analysts opine was a rebuttal to the assertions by DP Ruto.

In attendance were DP Ruto’s most trusted allies with a top ranking member of his inner circle, who is also part of the parliamentary leadership confirming to Nation the meeting and the intrigues that was generated by the remarks.


Speaking in confidence, a well-placed source in DP Ruto’s corner divulged that the Friday night meeting included discussions on phone by the deputy president’s allies who wanted “permission” to fight back this weekend.

The President’s no-holds barred offensive was documented and shared both on print, online and audio which went viral even as his social media pages containing the remarks were abruptly pulled down.


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