Kenyans on Thursday flocked to Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris' social media to offer advise on how to salvage her public image.

The Woman Rep, who was yet to respond to Governor Mike Sonko's bombshells, was advised to come out of hiding and issue a statement.

Neutral posts by Ms Passaris were met with comments from followers some who advised her to head on to Governor Sonko's social media to update herself on the matters that she had missed.

Comments shared with Woman Rep Esther Passaris on Twitter

Sonko exposes conversations and recordings with Passaris

Governor Sonko had appeared on JKL on Wednesday night and he was chased from the station after he insisted on airing controversial details on his dealings with Ms Passaris.

The Governor accused the Woman Rep of having received money to launch the onslaught against Sonoko as she did on Madaraka Day.

"To be honest, it [Passaris' Madaraka Day speech] caught me by surprise...from the intelligence I have gathered so far, she was at the OP (Office of the Presidents) earlier in that week and she met with some of my biggest enemies...who are the financiers of Kieleweke.

"After I attacked the land grabber in Buruburu and that other guy who swindled money from Kenya Re, the Kieleweke financiers must have thought that I'm with the Tanga tanga team so they sent her to attack a fee," the Governor divulged.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko during the JKL show moments before he was kicked out for being too abrasive in exposing Esther Passaris (Facebook)

Passaris was away from the country at the time when Governor Sonko spoke with Jeff Koinange. She was in Canada attending the Vancouver Women Deliver Conference.