Mutahi Ngunyi links Raila to the Killing of 7-year-old boy in Pipeline

Ngunyi puts Raila on the spot over killings

Geoffrey Mutinda was on Tuesday hit by a stray bullet when police officers riding on a motorbike purportedly went on a rampage firing aimlessly amid NASA protests in Donholm.

The little boy was playing on their balcony when the stray bullet hit him on the head. A pregnant woman in the same apartment was also shot.

Mr. Ngunyi alluded that the main beneficiary of children being killed was Odinga hence blamed him over what the public has described as police brutality.

"Who is the KILLER of CHILDREN? How come POLICE 'bullets' STRAY to kill Children? Who BENEFITS? The BENEFICIARY is the KILLER! Raila or Raila?" Ngunyi posed.

Mutinda is the third Kenyan child to be allegedly killed by police officers following protests staged by NASA.

In August, a nine-year-old girl, Stephanie Moraa Nyarangi, was purportedly hit by a stray bullet while playing on the balcony of their house.

The same month in Kisumu, a six-month-old baby, Samantha Pendo, was allegedly hit on the head with a baton by police officers who broke into their house


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