Government hit with 2–day Ultimatum over Miguna’s deportation

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Judge Chacha Mwita directed the State to respond to the case filed by Mr. Miguna challenging his deportation and cancellation of his Kenyan citizenship.

Senior Counsel John Khaminwa told the court: “Miguna wants to come back and prosecute the case against the violation of his rights in person. It is only desirable that the court orders his return to square it out face to face in court with those who have mistreated him”.

Lawyers Waikwa Wanyoike, Apollo Mboya, Nelson Havi and Khaminwa are seeking to have the court direct the Government to allow Miguna back into the country.

Government's response

However, judge Mwita mentioned that the Government ought to respond first to the suit before he can make his ruling

“That is why it is only fair to hear what the respondents have to say before I make any decision on Friday,” he said.

Nonetheless, the office of the Attorney General pleaded with the court for more time to allow it go through the papers.

Through lawyer Charles Mutinda, the AG noted: “Give us time we file papers, we will abide by the directions of this court, we will respond as soon as possible so that the court can make its decision,”

“There are underlying facts that need to be brought to the court as to why the petitioner Miguna Miguna was deported," he added.


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