Governor Charity Ngilu breaks down in tears at High Court

Emotional moment for Kitui Governor

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu breaks down while testifying in murder case of former Mayor Martha Mwangangi

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu on Wednesday broke down in tears as she gave a testimony at the Kitui High Court.

Governor Ngilu appeared as a witness for the prosecution team during the hearing of the case on former Mayor Martha Mwangangi's killing.

The governor noted that she and the late Martha had been good friends all through life adding that she had suffered the misfortune of watching her friend die.

The former mayor was crushed to death by a fire engine after she and Ms Ngilu joined protesters in Kitui town in a bid to stop demolition of kiosks.

"I was with the former mayor when suddenly a county government truck plunged into the demonstrators outside the Kitui police station and crushed her to death.

"Martha and I were old friends and we had been called to defend the traders’ source of livelihood

"Martha was not lucky. The truck hit and flung her ahead before crushing her on the head and mid-section. She died instantly as pandemonium ensued at the scene," she narrated amid sobs.

Governor Ngilu narrates near-death experience

The governor further narrated that she nearly died during the December 2016 incident but was saved by her assistant.

Governor Ngilu was pulled out of the way of the killer truck and stated that she only saw the truck speeding off without noting who was driving it.

Mr Philip Isika, the truck driver, is the accused person in the case and has denied causing the former mayor's death.


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