Sonko releases video clips behind abusive exchange with Esther Passaris

The two had a fiery exchange during Madaraka Day

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko releases video clips behind abusive exchange with Woman Rep Esther Passaris

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Sunday released video footage of the utterances that led to Woman Representative Esther Passaris walking out of the Madaraka Day celebrations on Saturday.

The governor claimed that short video clips had been circulated by the media to portray him negatively justifying his utterances with an accusation that Passaris attacked him first.

"Nairobi women rep Esther Passaris who spoke first made so many allegations against me some bordering on corruption.

"Since all these allegations were made against me on the same podium I had the right of reply on that same podium," Governor Sonko stated.

Passaris questions Sonko's source of Wealth

In the video posted by the governor, Ms Passaris accused the governor of delaying approvals for her projects and complained of insufficient funding for her docket.

She also suggested that the governor might be dishing out handouts that may be proceeds of corruption.

"Our governor has been on TV showing off his 1,000 title deeds, he also demonstrated that he is able to beautify Uhuru Highway from his own pocket. I don't have the kind of money the governor has.

"If we want to abolish corruption in Kenya then we have to stop dishing out money here and there without clearly showing where that money is coming from," she stated.

The woman rep walked out of Madaraka Day celebrations after the governor stated: "...mimi si bwana yako niwe nashika simu ile saa unataka... (I'm not your husband, I don't have to pick the phone every time you call)."

The governor added: "...wewe hiyo pesa yako kidogo peleka kwa children's home, mimi yangu mingi nitapelekea wananchi...(The litttle money you [Passaris] have take to a children's home, I will distribute the much I have to residents of Nairobi).

"...wewe pesa yako kula na bwana yako na watoto wako mimi yangu nitakula na maskini, vijana, kina mama na Nairobi yote... (if you want, let your [Passaris] husband and children enjoy your wealth, I will share mine with the poor, the youth, women and all Nairobi residents)," he barked.

The Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) has also stepped in calling for the immediate arrest of Governor Sonko over his remarks terming them as hate speech.


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