How speeding miraa drivers harassed Boinnet

IG motorcade falls victim to speeding miraa drivers

The incident happened while the IG was travelling from Nairobi headed to Meru where the Madaraka celebrations were being held.

On several instances, Boinnet’s motorcade had to give way to the speeding trucks with their headlights on as they were recklessly driven, disregarding traffic rules with impunity.

After the incident, the angry police boss directed the Traffic Police Department to immediately launch an operation to crackdown on the miraa drivers.

The drivers were left complaining as their highly perishable commodity went into waste.

Over the years, miraa drivers have come to be feared and hated by motorists who find their road manners to be wanting.

The pick up trucks are driven at very high speeds to ensure the miraa gets to Nairobi before it starts to go bad.

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