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Jalang’o changes tune over attending Raila’s mass action protest

Jalang'o makes u-turn over attending Raila Odinga's mass action protest

Lang'ata MP Jalang'o

Lang'ata Member of Parliament, Phelix Odiwuor, also known as Jalang'o, has changed his stance regarding Raila Odinga's mass action protest calls after attending two separate interviews at Betty Kyallo's birthday party.

In the first interview, which was conducted minutes before the party, Jalang'o openly supported the Azimio leader when asked if he was going to participate in the protests. He also denied rumors that he had quit the Orange Democratic Movement Party (ODM).

"Wewe ushawai kuniskia nikisema nimetoka ODM? Maandamano on Monday. Baba amesema kuna holiday. Sindio? Na Baba akisema amesema.


"[Have you ever heard me saying I quit ODM? Protests will be on Monday and whatever Raila says is final, right? We will be there if the holiday will be gazetted]," Jalang'o said.

He added that he would support the holiday if the government of Kenya gazettes it.

In a separate interview shared by YouTuber Vincent Mboya, Jalang'o said that he would not attend the mass action protests on March 20 until Raila invites him.

"Baba has not called me back to the rallies. I can't go there right now until Baba himself calls me," Jalang'o clarified.


However, he added that Raila Odinga has played a major role in his life and that he will always be his mentor regardless of what goes on between them.

Jalang'o upset Raila Odinga on February 7 when he defied the odds to visit President William Ruto at the State House, resulting in Raila calling him and other Azimio MPs traitors.

"If you want to go and see the president as a personal friend at State House, go. If you want to go and talk about issues that affect the party, then you must be permitted by the party before you go to see the president. These people must be seen for what they are, traitors in the cause of a revolution," Raila said.


Jalang'o defended himself, saying that he did not ask for permission, as the Azimio leader had already given them the key to work once they got into office.

“I did not have a reason to call him (Raila) or ask because he had already given us a key to work. The people of Lang’ata don’t care who is president and who is not. What they care about is the delivery of the mandate they gave me," Jalang'o declared.

According to the MP, President Ruto had invited him to discuss development projects in Lang'ata, and upon arriving at State House, he found out that other MPs had also been invited for a meeting with the head of state.


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