Kalonzo sharply differs with Wiper leaders at last minute

Kalonzo returned to Kenya on Wednesday and made his first public appearance on Thursday

While Mr Musyoka maintained that he will be sworn-in as the Deputy President with Nasa leader Raila Odinga as the president, Mr Maalim, using the same podium with Kalonzo on Thursday, maintained that Nasa is currently focusing on the 2022 elections.

“We as Nasa, we are focusing on the 2022 politics. We need to move on so that we can bring together the Nasa team and take this thing [presidency]. Our party is not a small party,” Mr Maalim said in an event in former Kitui West MP’s home Francis Nyenze, who was buried last week.

In a rejoinder, however, Nasa co-principal Mr Musyoka maintained that the oath taking ceremony is underway and the 2017 general elections have not been properly concluded.

“I don’t want to hear stories of 2022; we are not yet done with 2017. I want to tell my brother Uhuru Kenyatta, if we are not going to talk about elections justice and reforms, then don’t blame us when Raila and I will be sworn-in,” Mr Musyoka cautioned adding that Nasa clinched power in the August 8 polls.

“The truth is that the August elections were stolen and the country is deeply divided. Kenyans cannot, therefore, be expected to move on when ethnic hatred and political intolerance are at their worst. I am telling my brother Uhuru Kenyatta that if he abdicates the responsibility of uniting this nation, he should not blame Raila and Kalonzo when we say we will be sworn in. If he doesn’t want to dialogue on electoral reforms then we will be sworn in,” he said.

Oath taking

Mr Musyoka, who was Mr Odinga’s running mate in the August presidential election, left the country on October 11 to be with his ailing wife in Germany, where she has been receiving treatment and has missed key political events, including the October 26 repeat election, which his coalition boycotted.

Early this month, Wiper Deputy leader Mr Farah Maalim maintained that the Kalonzo Musyoka led party will not be part of the oath taking coronation, arguing that the move was a miscalculation for Mr Odinga’s legacy.

“… I would like to uphold the law. I have not been part of any process that is arranging for the swearing in of Raila Odinga. I will hesitate to endorse any swearing in because that is a recipe for chaos,” Maalim said.

The former National Assembly deputy speaker noted that Odinga should instead push for electoral reform agenda, which was their initial plan.

”We need to sit back and come up with other methods to force our reform agenda. Swearing in of another President is not the solution,” he said, adding that sometimes the law is unfair but ‘the law is the law.

He added: ”I have a strong commitment that changes should be made but in the right way to bring to an end electoral impunity in Kenya.”

The former Prime Minister had vowed to be sworn in on December 12 by the people’s assembly that was temporarily put on hold by Justice Lilian Mutende.


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