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The controversial thing that Mama Ngina did yesterday at Matiba's home

The visit would have passed on innocently except that there was historic and controversial aspect about the visit.

Mama Ngina had worn a sharp trouser suit - the first time that she has done so in public.

To understand why the former First Lady's dress choice is significant, we must go back to a story told by Mzee Jomo Kenyatta's Secretary.


Ndegwa adds that Mzee had never seen his wife wearing a trouser and reacted with disapproval.

"On the occasion of Kenyatta’s inauguration and the Kenya Air Force ceremonial function organised for it, Mama Ngina was supposed to accompany him as usual. She emerged from the house dressed in long pants and a sleeveless tunic. Mzee [Jomo Kenyatta] had never seen his wife dressed in trousers, or otherwise so loudly deviating from her norms of dress," Ndegwa narrated.

The former Head of Public Service and Secretary to the Cabinet adds that Mama Ngina had to change her trousers and continued to wear dresses as per Kenyatta's order.

Over the years, Mama Ngina has come to associated with her sharp fashion style - African dresses combined with a regal head gear.

The choice of a dress suit is perhaps another remainder of how far the country has come in embracing the modern concept of feminism.


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