Kutuny, Murkomen reveal each others' "dirty secrets" on live TV

One of the Jubilee politicians is allegedly being investigated by the FBI and the CIA

Senator Murkomen and MP Kutuny during News Night interview on Citizen TV

The two had been invited to speak on alleged maize cartels in the country but the discussions soon turned into a showdown between the two Jubilee luminaries.

Murkomen took the first hit when he cautioned the MP against attacking Deputy President William Ruto who he claimed "picked you [Kutuny] from the dust when you were out there selling makaa (charcoal)".

Kutuny struck back with a bombshell of his own stating: "At the same time Murkomen, I picked you from the streets and made you senator. I used to give you money every week and you know that. My wife used to support you because you come from the same region. I even bought you your first car, the Toyota Harrier you used to campaign."

Kutuny on FBI and CIA radar

The blows would further escalate in their magnitude as the Senate Majority Leader implied that Kutuny was being investigated by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

Murkomen was driven to the edge after Kutuny boisterously claimed that the senator was the championing the cause of maize cartels stealing from farmers.

Kutuny further belittled Murkomen claiming that he was accustomed to surviving on handouts.

"You cannot, my brother, try to pontify on television. Do you know that you are in the radar of the FBI and the CIA?

"Do you know of your involvement in other things in this country that has led to some people being taken to the US? You cannot pontify here...your days are numbered," Murkomen stated.

Final Blows

Kutuny refused to respond to Murkomen's assertions instead dismissing the accusations as propaganda.

The discussions ended with Kutuny maintaining that the DP was indebted to the farmers in the Rift Valley region to ensure their payments are made.

The majority leader maintaned that the MP was misguided in accusing the DP of impropriety.


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