The directive to conduct a lifestyle audit on state officers has taken a new twist with Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi maintaining that the audit should be extended to include former President Jomo Kenyatta, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his family.

The directive which aims to tame runaway graft is also expected to expose those who have profited from the proceeds of corruption with concerns that some politicians have acquired massive amounts of wealth that they cannot account for.

"We are with the President on this… We ask everyone to submit to the audit including political leaders and their families.

We will start with Mzee Jomo, then follow with him and the rest of us," Sudi disclosed.

Below is the video of Sudi's comments on the lifestyle audit ordered by President Kenyatta.

DP Ruto’s ally challenges Uhuru to include his family and Jomo Kenyatta’s wealth in the lifestyle audit [Video]

The announcement which was made in good faith saw the President declare that the exercise would also see him and his deputy William Ruto undergo the vetting in the face of runaway graft.

"No one should have fears over the lifestyle audit if they acquired what they have genuinely," the MP added.

Sudi who was speaking at a funeral in Chepkoiya village in Uasin Gishu disclosed that he was ready to comply with the directive and account for his wealth since his days as a tout.

He also added that he has no objections to his father who once served as a cook at Moi University being subjected to the exercise.

The latest surge in corruption cases has seen the public lose billions and attracted public outrage over the looting spree facilitated by corrupt state officers and unscrupulous cartels.

Senior state employees have been shown the door with new measures such as lie detector tests being brought on board in a bid to tame the vice.