Meru University student leader's last words, just before police shot him dead

Sad incident

Njoroge, who served as Secretary General of the Student Association of Meru University (SAMU), was in high spirits as he led his colleagues in a protest march against an increase in school fees.

SAMU Chairman Wangila Wabomba confirmed that a few minutes before he was shot, Njoroge had sent him a message of encouragement.

Wabomba stated that the two were working shifts as they led a demonstration that had persisted for nearly a month.

Wabomba the morning phase of the protests while his Secretary General was to lead the afternoon march.

"Chairman am sorry I have been late,go refresh and get me back in the field , we must win," Njoroge texted Wabomba in what would become his last words.

The charismatic and fiery student leader was killed shortly after in what witnesses have termed as a targeted kill.

Police officers are reported to have identified him amongst the students, chased after him before shooting him in the head.

“Police chased after the student through my compound before one of the officers shot him within my farm,” Dominic Limiri, was quoted by Nation.

He was unarmed and his lifeless body was left lying in a farm near the school.

Student Leader Shot Dead by Police

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