The relationship between Sharon Otieno and Nation journalist Barrack Oduor was more complicated than that of a reporter and his source, this is according to the statement recorded by Migori Governor Okoth Obado.

Obado told the police that at the time Oduor was contacting him for his side of the story, Sharon had already spread information of her pregnancy to the Governor’s family and to various other people in the county.

The Governor said that when he met Oduor, the reporter was in the company of Lawrence Mula, a former MCA.

Upon being informed of Sharon’s claims, the Governor told detectives that he gave Oduor the go-ahead to publish the story since ‘pregnancy was no longer a secret in the family and Migori’.

However, Obado told the police that the Nation journalist was not merely interested in getting his side of the story, but also volunteered to negotiate between the Governor and Sharon.

The Migori County boss said he gave them the go-ahead to ask Sharon what she wanted.

The negotiations, however, did not go well as Obado declined to purchase the plot Sharon had identified.

A few days before Sharon’s brutal murder, Obado said Oduor had called to warn him that “things were getting out of hand”.

Obado said the journalist also told him not to blame him for anything that would happen on the Sharon matter.

The Governor’s statement is in stark contrast to the testimony given by Oduor who said he was in the process of getting Obado’s side of the story when he and Sharon were kidnapped.