Mutahi Ngunyi explains what Uhuru must to Raila for the country to move forward

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Ngunyi stated that the President will need to precipitate a national crisis that will allow him to reign on rogue elements in the country, particularly the NASA coalition.

The analyst went further to suggest that Kenyatta should arrest Odinga and thereafter implement a State of Emergency in the Opposition strongholds.

The State of Emergency would then allow the government to suspend certain parts of the constitution and deal with the Opposition without limitations.

The professor of political economy stated that the country needed to use the doctrine of necessity which justifies certain illegal actions taken by the government to restore the greater good.

"So far Uhuru has used the doctrine of necessity justifiably. However, he should precipitate a bigger crisis, arresting two people does not amount as a crackdown. Shutting down three media stations out of sixty three stations does not qualify as an attack on the media."

"Uhuru should arrest Raila and then declare a state of emergency in areas with unrests, this way, he can justifiably use the doctrine of necessity over the law," Ngunyi stated in his weekly video column.

The political analyst spoke even as Odinga stated that he was in government and ready to perform his duties as the People's President.


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