The National Land Commission (NLC) will convene on Thursday to make a crucial ruling in the case of Weston Hotel, associated with Deputy President William Ruto.

A draft report that had been prepared had recommended that title for Weston Hotel be revoked.

NLC will either adopt the report or amend it before notifying Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) and Weston who are contesting ownership.

Crucial Report

During the Thursday meeting, if NLC adopts the report in its draft form, then Ruto will lose the land but he can appeal the decision at the High Court.

NLC vice chair Abigail Mukolwe and chairman Dr Muhammad Swazuri
NLC vice chair Abigail Mukolwe and chairman Dr Muhammad Swazuri

There has also been fear that any decision arrived at by the NLC in the absence of the chairman might have its legality challenged.

NLC Vice Chairperson Abigail Mbagaya stated that in the absence of the Chair the second in command can chair meetings since the law allows it.

Ruto who is represented by lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, justified his purchase of the land on Lang'ata road, saying he had bought it legitimately.

Land Ownership

Mr Ahmednasir denied that his client sporadically obtained the land, stating that no one had ever claimed the property since he procured.

He further argued that during the hotel's construction, Ruto did not receive any complaint from the State or any individual.

The Weston Hotel
The Weston Hotel

KCAA told NLC a powerful cartel operating in the Lands ministry in cahoots with its own officers conspired to relinquish the land for an alternative one in Embakasi.