Miguna reveals the only reason he reconciled with Raila

This is why Miguna changed his heart

Miguna who previously vowed never to work with or for NASA leader Raila Odinga, is now on the front line insisting that the former Prime Minister won the polls while claiming President Uhuru Kenyatta rigged the elections.

Previously, in his book: Peeling Back, the Mask the former Prime Minister’s aide stated: “I’ve made a decision, a final decision in relation to Raila Amollo Odinga: I shall never, ever work with or for Raila Amolo Odinga again here on earth, in heaven or in hell”.

However, in the recent days, the Canadian-based lawyer has displayed a passion so deep that he even declared he was ready to die for the fight for Electoral Justice, an agenda spearheaded by the Opposition after Mr. Odinga won the presidential petition.

“There are things I have already resolved in my head; to die, to be jailed and to be exiled,” he said.

During an interview in Toronto, where he was deported to after a controversial arrest for participating in the swearing in of Mr. Odinga as the People's President, Mr. Miguna revealed that the only reason he had reconciled with Odinga was that he believes he (Odinga) won the August 8 General election.

“Raila won and are they saying that merely on the account that I disagreed with Raila; if he wins I should say he did not win? What kind of a man would I be?” Miguna posed when asked whether he had reconciled with Mr. Odinga.

Miguna divulged that his support for the former Prime Minister was informed by democracy which he explained that the rule of law must be obeyed.

“Democracy is where you have a free, fair, credible and transparent election, where everybody has one vote. They go into that booth and they cast their vote. And whoever wins is declared the President,” he said.

Uhuru rigged election

Mr. Miguna reiterated that Mr. Kenyatta lost the August 8 General Election and accused him of rigging the polls.

“Why would a support usurper of power, a person who subverted the Constitution, the rule of law and democratic practice by rigging an election, merely because I disagreed with Raila?” he questioned.

He insisted that he had not withdrawn the statements he made in his book:Peeling back the mask, concerning the former Prime Minister.

In the book, Miguna described Mr. Odinga as the selfish, confused, hypocritical and deceptive leader whose greed for power and money makes him unfit for the presidency of the Republic of Kenya.

The 56-year-old emphasized that his disagreements with Mr. Odinga were not personal but only based on principles.

“Our disagreement was not personal. It was principally the fact that I did not agree with how Raila conducted himself when he was Prime Minister. I said that and I still believe exactly in the things I wrote. Raila has reconciled himself with that and he knows I was right and he was wrong,” he said.

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