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Raila’s Lawyer Breaks down How NASA’s Resistance Movement will Operate [VIDEO]

Details of how NRM will work

Mr. Amollo started by emphasizing that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) was not a parallel Government highlighting that it was against the law to form one.

“It is not a parallel Government, the constitution of Kenya cannot allow us to establish a parallel Government. It is an avenue of having honest, serious discussion with those who are willing both at the National level and the county level," he said.


Speaking at Okoa Kenya offices, Amollo mentioned that NRM will have a People’s Assembly aimed at discussing critical issues affecting the Nation.

According to the lawyer, the said issues cannot be solved by the Legislature and Executive because of the huge numbers of Jubilee leaders.

"The People’s Assembly is the occasion that will give us the opportunity to discuss the things that we are not able to discuss as elected Members of Parliament because of certain super Majorities by Jubilee and the control of Parliament by the Executive.

“Under Article 37 of the Constitution, it grants Kenyans the right to assemble. Therefore you can assemble at any time if you think that there are certain issues that cannot and will not be addressed by the formal institutions whether it is Parliament executive or Judiciary," the MP stated.

The lawyer noted that NRM will involve members of the public including religious organizations and civil society.


"It will give us the opportunity to discuss with the religious organizations because there is no other forum for discussing with them. It will also give us the opportunity to discuss with the civil society," Amollo mentioned.

He added that the People's Assembly will also discuss on how the Electoral Body in Kenya should be constituted to allow it hold free, fair and credible elections.

“It will give us the formal opportunity to discuss on why we never get our electoral circle right, what is it in the constitution that we need to amend or deal with to get it right and how is it we are going to chart our collective path in a way that it will give us greater cohesion and unity as a country," the legislator remarked.

Amollo clarified that the Movement is not aimed at having NASA leader Raila Odinga as the President of Kenya.

“The aim is actually not to have Raila Odinga declared the President, the aim is to ultimately have a free, fair and credible election where anybody can win and anybody can lose. But whoever wins can have legitimacy and whoever loses will accept


“It is a parliament outside those formal institutions and it will compromise those who were elected and are willing to have a discussion beyond those chambers," the Rarieda MP noted.

He stated that NASA will agree on whether having the discussion at a fixed place in Nairobi or for it to be rotational across the country.

The lawyer, who was among the legal minds that won the presidential petition of the August 8 General Election, divulged that a task force will be formed to deliberate on how the People’s Assembly will work.

He added that the County Assemblies will be at the center of the new formation highlighting that they will be representing the will of the people.

"To call for the county assemblies to approve is also a way of validating the exercise of the sovereign will of the people at the county level. It means the population in that area are in agreement with the aspiration of that assembly,” he mentioned.


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