NASA Official Schools DP Ruto after humiliating Raila

Top NASA official's response to DP Ruto

Etale was responding to a tweet by the DP meant to humiliate Odinga following a speech he delivered in the US where he sharply criticized the Jubilee Government.

“So,Tinga went all the way to the USA to seek support to scuttle the possibility of a son of peasant (Ruto) from being elected prezo in 2022!Balaa!,” DP Ruto tweeted.

In his response, Etale noted that the former Prime Minister was more focused in ensuring a credible election other than Ruto’s presidential ambitions come 2022.

The ODM Communication Director added that it was imperative for the Country to move away mere politics and think about the future generation.

“It is not about ANYONE'S presidential ambition of 2022, it is about CREDIBLE elections now & in future. Even those thinking about their 2022 plans should pause for a minute & ask, What if we FIXED this mess now, wouldn't it be good for future GENERATIONS?” Etale posed in his tweet.

During the US address at Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Mr. Odinga also took a swipe at diplomats claiming that they were supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta instead of being neutral in the politics of the land.

"Let me blunt again...envoys have sometimes contributed to the problem. IEBC said it could not guarantee the credibility of polls but envoys in Nairobi said 'proceed'.''Kenya is heading towards being axed into dictatorship and your envoys have not succeeded in making things better," Odinga stated.


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