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Kethi Kilonzo reveals costly mistake Raila made in fight against Uhuru

Kethi defended Raila in the 2013 election petition

Kilonzo, who has previously represented Odinga and other NASA leaders, opined that the swearing-in ceremony was an extra-legal mechanism that can never be used to defeat a government that is in power.

The soft-spoken lawyer likened, Odinga’s inauguration to the 1982 coup that attempted to remove President Daniel arap Moi from power.

She further likened the NASA swearing-in to the 1982 coup, stating that although the two events may have been popular, they were unconstitutional and were frustrated by the state machinery.


Kilonzo noted that after 1982, President Moi became ruthless in dealing with the Opposition, and was able to rule for twenty more years.

She stated that the same crackdown was likely to emerge in the aftermath of Odinga’s swearing in.

“The most important lesson is the use of the Constitution and the law to gain power. Law reform was the only tool that succeeded in taking power from the hands of Kanu and former President Moi. Every other extra-legal method failed.”

“Like the period after the 1982 attempted coup, the only level playing field for the Opposition is within the Constitution and the law. Outside, the bully that is every State in the world will beat them into submission,” Kilonzo concluded.

The lawyer made the remarks on her weekly column on the Standard, at a time when the police have announced that the crackdown on NASA leaders will continue - including formation of a new squad to crackdown on Opposition politicians.


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