AG Muigai in trouble after linking Raila to treason

AG Muigai under fire after commenting on Raila's swearing-in.

Commenting on Mr. Odinga’s swearing-in ceremony scheduled for December 12, Mr. Muigai stated that persons involved in inaugurating the former Prime Minister as the People’s President will face the full wrath of the law.

The AG noted that any swearing-in of a person who was not announced as a winner by IEBC is illegal and the act amounts to treason.

Mr. Muigai was heavily criticized over his remarks with a brigade of legal minds stating that the AG had grossly misinterpreted the law.

Lawyer Edwin Sifuna dismissed the Government’s legal Adviser highlighting that Mr. Odinga cannot be linked to treason as there was no law he will be violating.

"Are we imagining killing Uhuru on 12th? No Are we deposing him? No Are we overthrowing his illegitimate Govt? No. AG Githu Muigai should as always, be ignored,” Sifuna tweeted.

At the same time, Lawyer Nelson Havi rubbished Muigai noting that his legal opinion cannot be taken seriously.

AG Githu Muigai, no one takes your legal opinion seriously. Not your students or even your immediate ‘client’. Now, stop reading and interpreting the law upside down like a bat,” Havi mentioned.

Deputy President William Ruto friend and lawyer Donald Kipkorir was also among those who castigated the AG.

Mr. Kipkorir described Muigai’s sentiments as lazy, incoherent, false & court jestering.

He went ahead and laid it in black and white what treason actually means – it is when one plans to incapacitate the President or to remove him contrary to the Constitution.

"With most tremendous deference to my friend & teacher, , his interpretation of intended “swearing” of Raila Odinga is lazy, incoherent, false & court jestering ..Treason is when one plans to incapacitate the President or to remove him contrary to the Constitution," Kipkorir said.

A section of the public also took issue with Muigai with some advising him to speak on electoral injustice which they claimed was propagated by the Jubilee Government.

The former Prime Minister promised his supporters that he will be sworn in as the People's President on December 12. He rubbished Kenyatta's presidency as illegitimate noting that NASA does not recognise it.


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