Mutahi Ngunyi makes worrying prediction that will follow Raila's swearing in

Odinga will be sworn in on Tuesday

According to Ngunyi, Odinga’s arrest would not follow the normal rules but would be relocated to a remote place where he would later be sentenced to hang.

“If Raila is sworn in, he will be charged with treason and if found guilty, the penalty is death. If he is arrested, he will not be tried at a Kibera Court, he will be put on a helicopter and flown to Lodwar where there is nothing to stone or burn,” Ngunyi stated.

According to the political analyst, the NASA leader will mark the end of his grip on the Luo Nation with his swearing in ceremony.

However, the analyst pointed out that it was likely that Odinga would swear himself in as the President, and would instead take the oath of the President of the People’s Assembly, which he termed as “some sort of an NGO”.

The Professor of Political Economy also stated that President was likely to be very firm in his second and final term.

“Uhuru Kenyatta is the least studied politician in Kenya, yet he is the most analyzed in the media. People who analyze him do it from the cleverness of their head and not from known undertakings.”

“I want to educate them, Uhuru has nothing to lose and in his second term, he is a man who has to do what he has to do,” Ngunyi stated.

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