US Ambassador Godec in trouble after NASA's new decision

The decision by NASA comes a week after the US said it was concerned by Raila's "self-inauguration".

A section of NASA MPs have hatched a plan aimed at having Godec recalled over what they termed "exhibiting extreme bias when discharging his duties".

The MPs are in the process of preparing a draft petition as a formal protest note over the behaviour of the US envoy.

Draft bill to US Senate

According to the Nation, the petition once drafted, will be presented to the US Senate.

“More like-minded MPs and I will petition the US government using the relevant and official channels to raise our concerns over this grave matter. Mr Godec’s continued stay in the country is injurious to the long-term relationship between the people of Kenya and the US,” Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi said.

The NASA legislators said they had no problem with the US led by President Donald Trump.

However, they said they had an issue with Godec whom they accused of reducing himself as the US envoy to “only a section of Kenya” adding that majority of Kenyans had no confidence in him.

US State Department statement

“He has not been objective as required in representing Kenya’s views to his country. His views have been highly skewed and partisan. He is doing diplomacy for a few,” Wandayi argued.

It further said that the US rejects all actions that undermines Kenya's Constitution and the rule of law saying that Uhuru Kenyatta was elected as President of Kenya on October 26, 2017 in a poll that was upheld by Kenya’s Supreme Court.

The State Department urged all grievances held by Odinga's team to be resolved through appropriate legal mechanisms.


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