Stand-off in Kibra as rival parties clash, Raila leading ODM brigade with Mariga also campaigning for the seat [Video]

ODM's mega rally dubbed The Kibra Confirmation Rally is underway at Laini Saba Grounds

Raila Odinga and Imran Okoth enroute to The Kibra Confirmation Rally

A stand-off ensued in Kibra as various aspirants took over Kibra in a bid to win over voters ahead of the Kibra constituency by election planned for 07 November 2019.

ODM party, led by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga took Kibra by storm in last-minute efforts to drum up support for party candidate Bernard Imran Okoth and was involved in a stand-off over the venue of political rally.

In a bid to retain its control of Kibra, ODM planned a mega rall dubbed The Kibra Confirmation Rally which was planned to coincide with a parallel one held by rival Macdonald Mariga of Jubilee.

The ODM brigade, led by party leader Raila Odinga stormed Kibra with the convoy snaking its way across the constituency and making stop at several points to address jubilant party supporters until it reached Bukhungu grounds.

Ford Kenya and ODM supporters were engaged in a stand-off over the venue of a political rally that both parties insisted they had booked.

ODM’s entry into the venue was unexpected as the party had initially indicated that it would be at Laini Saba grounds.

ODM supports insisted that Ford Kenya could only have the venue after Raila Odinga had spoken.

Earlier on, Ford Kenya lamented that ODM had been locked it out of the venue it had booked for a political rally.

ODM finally had its way with party leader Raila Odinga taking to the podium to drum up support for Imran as Ford Kenya supporters retreated.

In speech at Bukhungu grounds, Raila appealed to voters to reject other contestants who he refered as visitors to the constituency driven by greed and with nothing to show.

The climax of today’s activities would be a mega rally at Laini Saba Grounds on where Odinga is expected to rally the voters behind Imran while at the same time preaching unity.

Below is Odinga's speech at the venue of the stand-off.


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