NASA MPs clash at a political rally in Kisumu

NASA MP exposes plot to wrestle power from Nyong'o

During the home coming party for Kisumu governor Anyang Ngongo, NASA legislators attacked each other after a public spat, prompting security officers to move in.

NASA MPs had convened at Kenyatta Sports Grounds in Kisumu on Friday to welcome Nyong'o back into the country from the United States where he underwent a successful hip surgery.

Trouble started when Nyakach MP Aduma Owuor accused Kisumu Senator Fred Outa of hatching a plot to take over the county leadership in the absence of Nyongo.

“We understand that there was alleged agreement that in absence of Nyong’o he (Outa) was the one to take over power,” said Aduma.

The Nyakach MP added that “the senator must know that there is only one governor. We will deal with him if he brings jokes in the county leadership."

Outa who was at the event countered the allegations amidst cheers from his supporters.

Youths allied to the two leaders surged towards the dais where the leaders were seated, prompting the security team to move in to prevent what would have been a nasty scene.

The event was also attended by Shakeel Shabbir (Kisumu East), Fred Ouda (Kisumu Central) and Kisumu woman representative Rosa Buyu.


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