The one political analyst who has made Uhuru to stop watching TV

President Uhuru on Thursday announced that he had stopped watching local TV

Miguna, who is currently in Canada, claimed that he was the reason President Kenyatta had become frustrated with television interviews.

The NRM General made the statement on his Twitter account, shortly after the head of state had expressed frustration over the constant political analysis that fill the local television stations.

The Canadian-based barrister added that he would lead the National Resistance Movement in stopping Kenyatta from moving around the country, but failed to elaborate how he would achieve that.

"The illegitimate election thief @UKenyattahas confessed that I have stopped him from watching TV. Now, NRM is going to stop him from listening to radio or roaming around Kenya because Kenyans rejected him on August 8th and October 26th. Viva! Resist," the outspoken political analyst stated.

Miguna has become a permanent fixture on most television talk-shows with daily appearances in all the leading national TV stations.

"I am telling you am tired of watching television, or even reading newspapers. Every time its politics by people calling themselves analysts. Always analysing something but we are tired. We can’t achieve development if we do politics all the time,” Kenyatta told a crowd in Kirinyaga on Thursday.


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