The one mistake Uhuru & Raila made in handshake deal – David Ndii

How will the handshake work?

Speaking during an interview with investigative journalist John Allan Namu, Mr. Ndii stated that the handshake deal between the two leaders lacked structures to support its implementation.

Mr. Ndii emphasized that the handshake deal remains a personal decision by the two leaders in which they simply agreed.

"If you look at this deal it is very personal. This is something that says me Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta have agreed to do the following as leaders. It is a very personal commitment.

"And because of this, it does not have a structure like what we had in the Koffi Annan-led negotiation and that is what people were looking for," he said.

According to the well-known Economist, Mr. Kenyatta and the former Prime minister by-passed an important stage in signing the deal. He went on to question how  the two leaders agreed on the agenda without undergoing the due process of negotiating what ought to be on the agenda.

"This is not a dialogue where people are going to sit to negotiate the outcomes. But what they have said is that we have agreed on the agenda.

"But people negotiate the agenda. So there is a step they have jumped which is the process of negotiating the agenda," Ndii said.

The Economist highlighted that if Odinga and Kenyatta do not live up to their promise then Kenyans are not able to hold them to account.

"The agreement does not give us much choice but only to give the two leaders the benefit of doubt," he mentioned.

On March 9, 2018, President Kenyatta and the ODM party leader agreed to bury the hatchet after the bungled 2017 General Election.

The two leaders appeared outside Harambee House where they shook hands and announced the start of a new Kenya which would involve building bridges across the country.


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