Deputy President Vs Bonny Khwalwale: who’s lying?

The two poltical heads debated the number of votes casted in Kakamega.

Khalwale state via Twitter that President Uhuru and the Deputy President only gathered 40,808 votes in the entire county.

In his account, the 750,000 turn out in the country aggregated to only 5.4%.

Boni rehashed warning that he claims to have given the Deputy President. Boni’s post reads, “I warned William S Ruto that the brokers he was relying on speak only for themselves…”

In his share, Boni attached the breakdown of counted votes in the county totaling 40,808 individuals making 5.4% of the voter turn-out.

In response the Deputy President schooled the former Senator with Jubilee’s 7.5 million votes. In their books only 40,000 (5%) where from Kakamega.

This sparked an uproar of reactions from Kenyan netizens who stated their views on the issue as shown below.


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