Uhuru comes clean on 4 lies that have been making headlines in Kenya

President Kenyatta sets the record straight

President Kenyatta addressing the media from Mombasa

In yesterday’s State of the nation address, President Uhuru Kenyatta sought to set the record straight on 4 issues of concern to Kenyans that have been making headlines in the recent past.

Delving into reports that the Port of Mombasa has been mortgaged to China’s Exim Bank over the Standard Gauge Railway loan, the President refuted the claims, maintaining that such an agreement was never reached an that the government is ahead on its repayment schedule.

“You have seen the Chinese Government say that nothing like that exists. If you want a copy of the contract we have with China I can get it to you tomorrow,” the president said.

The reports caused a public outcry even as the Chinese government sought to clear the air.

He refuted claims that claims of recolonization of Kenya and Africa at large, stating that China has never colonized Africa and would never do so. In the words of the president, China is merely pursuing its economic interests, meeting African nations at their point of need.

2022 deal with Raila Odinga

Asked about the impact of the 09 Marrch handshake amidst claims that it will block his partner in government (DP Ruto) from succeeding him, the president clarified that he has never engaged in succession debateds with Raila.

“We have never for one day spoken about 2022 with Raila…We have come to terms with one another that we cannot allow the type of politics that we have been playing to continue.

I have been very vocal myself, why are people bringing 2022 politics when we have just come from an election last year…I have told people to stay away.” Uhuru said.

His clarification came in the wake of a raging debate sparked by Jubilee Party Vice Chair David Murathe who stated that Jubilee party has no deal with DP Ruto and as such they have no political debt.

Affordable housing and the National Housing Development Fund

President Kenyatta clarified that contrary to allegations that the government was overburdening the taxpayer with more taxes in the form of National Housing Development Fund, his government is implementing a savings culture that will eventually see more Kenyans own homes.

The president defended government’s ambitious housing plan that will see taxpayers and employers dig deeper into their pockets, maintaining that it is a way of saving towards owning a home and not a tax as alleged.

“We are misleading people by telling them that it is a tax. It is not a tax. It is a tax. It is a saving- a contribution towards owning a home that ultimately even if you don’t get a home that money goes back to the individual.” He stated.

He noted that despite having a population of close to 45 million, Kenya has just about 500000 mortgages, locking out a significant percentage of the population from home ownership and his government is keen on fixing this with the ambitious housing plan.


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