Uhuru frightened as drunk man charges towards him in Lamu [Video]

Uhuru dodged as Presidential bodyguards swang into action.

President Uhuru Kenyatta speaks during the operationalization of the first berth at the new Lamu Port

President Uhuru Kenyatta was startled after a security breach at the Port of Lamu which he had gone to commission on Thursday, May 20.

As President Kenyatta was making his address, a man seemingly tried to charge at him, forcing him to momentarily stop his speech and dodge backwards.

Members of his security team swung into action stopping the intruder from reaching the podium where the head of state was delivering his address.

"Pole sana, kila mtu na mambo yake," Uhuru said after his security team's intervention.

"Seems like someone tried to move/charge towards the President in Lamu startling him as his security moved in," Radio Africa Group Digital Editor commented as KTN's replied "Mzee yuko ridho!"

A high placed source who attended the event told Pulse Live that the intruder appeared to be drunk and was swiftly escorted out of the venue.

The incident has raised questions on how a security breach of that nature happened in such a high profile event.

Presidential security protocols dictate that in an event of that kind, all guests should be cleared before the head of state's arrival.


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