Prof Makau Mutua predicts how Ruto will surprise Uhuru & Raila


Prof Makau Mutua predicts DP William Ruto will pull a surprise resignation that will leave Uhuru & Raila confused

US based Kenyan lawyer and political analyst Prof Makau Mutua has predicted Deputy President William Ruto will soon be leaving the government in a move that will most likely get his political enemies by surprise.

Mutua said his reading of Ruto's political strategy suggested the DP was making plans to make a surprise but earth-shaking resignation from the Jubilee government.

"I predict DP William Ruto will RESIGN from government ABRUPTLY and WITHOUT WARNING. Methinks he’s laid his plans. The timing will be a thunderbolt — to PARALYZE opponents and MAXIMIZE his exit. JIPANGE!" the lawyer tweeted.

The law professor added his voice to the growing speculation on Ruto's next political as he had become increasingly isolated from President Kenyatta's political agenda.

While Kenyatta has been actively championing the BBI and the handshake, Ruto has taken an antagonistic approach, taking every opportunistic to question the genuineness of the BBI and the handshake.

In return, Kenyatta's handlers have increasingly frustrated the DP with senior national government officials keeping off his visits to launch government projects.

His allies have also been targeted by the state, facing frequent arrests and frustration in their political activities.


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