Raila Odinga’s stinging remarks a day after DP Ruto defended his massive donations and trips to church [Video]

Raila goes on the offensive with another tackle

ODM leader Raila Odinga at a past event. He  has issued stringing remarks, condemning the church for aiding corruption.

A day after Deputy President William Ruto took to the pulpit in defence of his frequent trips and donations to church, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has issued stringing remarks, condemning the church for aiding corruption.

The ODM Party leader took issues with the church for receiving the hefty donations without questioning the source, questioning how a person who earns a monthly salary of Ksh 1 million can afford to donate a hundred million shillings in a month.

Odinga maintained that the hefty donations dished out to churches should be investigated, stating that they could be proceeds of corruption and part of a wider money-laundering racket.

“Every weekend this church-5million, that church 5 million, that other church-5million. Every weekend 15 million yet your monthly salary is only 1 million.”

“Churches are being used as avenues for money laundering…They (the corrupt) come every weekend for harambees and people clap for them as they donate millions ati wameleta kwa ukarimu (that the have generously donated) yet no one questions where this money comes from.” Odinga fired.

Below is the video of Odinga giving the stinging remarks,courtesy of KTN.

Controversy has often surrounded DP Ruto’s hefty donations to the church amidst concerns that his salary coupled with his businesses cannot allow him to donate hundreds of millions as he does.

DP Ruto on the spot after donating 60 Million in record time

In his defense, the DP has often challenged his critics, arguing out that while other men put their trust(and finances) in witch doctors, he donate to the Church since he is a staunch Christian.

In mid last year, DP Ruto’s generosity came into sharp focus after donating a record Sh 60 Million in harambees within the past six months-a figure that is almost 12 times his total salary within the same duration.

“There are people who sometimes shock us by asking why we go to churches and why we donate towards church projects. But if you investigate these people they spend their money on witchcraft”.

“Because we do not ask them where they got the money that they spend on witchcraft, they should let us contribute to the work of God”. Ruto said.

The DP has however maintained that his generous donations are within his means, stating that “unlike God, who gave His son as a sacrifice, none of us is being asked to give more than we can”.

Catholic Church cracks the whip

In response to the growing criticism, the Catholic Churh on Friday bamnned politicians from making political statements in their churches.

As to whether the Church will reject donations still remains unclear amidst fears that churches are among the biggest beneficiaries of corruption with money meant for development ending up in churches through harambee donations.

Among his controversial donations and gifts is a Mitsubishi Pajero SUV gifted to Kisumu Diocese Archbishop Phillip Anyolo.

According to opposition chief Raila Odinga, the gift was rejected and handed back to the presenter after the Pope (Francis) intervened and ordered so.

Bishop Anyolo confirmed that the controversial Mitsubishi Pajero 2012 model that was presented to him by the DP is no longer in his possession neither does he use it.


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