Raila assembles leaders at Capitol Hill to warn DP Ruto

Raila takes action

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Tuesday assembled a delegation of leaders at his Capitol Hill offices to address Deputy President William Ruto.

The special AU envoy advocated for peace and the war against corruption asking the DP and his allies not to sound war cries in the country.

"We are keen to ensure that every part of this country is adequately taken care of whether it is through the equitable sharing of revenue or appointments and general development. I appeal to these leaders to stand for the united Kenya and to tell off those preaching war against their fellow Kenyans," the former PM stated.

The ODM party leader recounted that the country had faced war as a result of politics in 1992, 1997, 2002 and 2007 warning the DP and his allies not to attempt to take the country back to war because of politics.

The PM further noted that as soon as the country had waded through the Covid-19 pandemic, he and his team will move with speed to conclude the BBI process.

Junet Mohammed to DP Ruto

Suna East MP Junet Mohammed also addressed Mr Odinga's press conference directly hitting at the DP and his allies.

"I want to reiterate what former PM Odinga has just said and ask the Deputy President to spare this country the politics of war and end the threats of violence. It is dishonest and old school for Ruto to send his people to insult other leaders including the President then pretend to be telling them to stop. You cannot abuse leaders to gain power, including mothers of this country. You have no business abusing Mama Ngina because abusing her is abusing all mothers of this country!

"Ruto must stop threatening members of this country with violence and must stop thinking he has monopoly over violence... He should stop threatening and intimidating civil servants of this country," Junet warned.

The MP further insisted that they will not tolerate further threats and insults from the DP and his allies.


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