ODM issues a rude response to DP Ruto after his angry rant on Kibra elections

No mercy for DP Ruto as bedroom politics continue in Kibra

Raila Odinga and other politicians at the Bedroom Iko Locked rally

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has finally responded to Deputy President William Ruto's angry rants on Twitter following the defeat ofhis candidate McDonald Mariga in the Kibra by-elections.

ODM turned the tables on DP Ruto who has been complaining of violence witnessed on Thursday and challenged him to handle matters in his own camp where Bonny Khalwale was pictured armed with stones in a violent confrontation.

In a terse response, Ruto was squarely blamed for the violence witnessed in Kibra and during the elections in Ganda Ward, Kilifi County.

The statement released on Sunday, the party accused the DP of “venting his frustrations on ODM and leader Raila Odinga” following the Kibra win by Bernard Imran Okoth.

He also accused him of dividing the supporters by sending goons and dishing out money to the people to interfere with the election process.

We thank party supporters for rejecting Ruto’s money and for voting with the interest of the nation in mind. We thank our volunteer vote protectors who did everything to nab Ruto's schemes and goons who included people who should otherwise be honourable leaders," the statement said.

We have no sympathy for him. Instead, Ruto owes the people of Ganda and Kibra apologies."

The group went ahead to state that a "bitter, isolated and frustrated" Ruto was now struggling to get out of the trap the DP thought he was laying for others".

Trademark Hypocrisy 

ODM went on to speak of Dr Ruto's "trademark hypocrisy", saying he spent the days after the poll venting his frustrations on ODM and Raila Odinga and choosing to condemn violence and bribery where they never existed while ignoring them where they did in “plain site.”

In the days leading to, and particularly on voting day in Kibra, Ruto’s errand boys, who sadly included serving and former members of Parliament, were caught in the primitive and backward politics of dishing out money to voters.”

ODM named former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale, who was photographed and recorded collecting stones. It is said that Mr Khalwale tried to cause mayhem.

Mr Odinga's party regretted that Dr Ruto had "neither condemned nor acknowledged the violence and death his team had caused in Ganda or the chaos and voter bribery his people were captured participating in in Kibra".

We wish to remind Kenyans that Ruto was not in any of these by-elections to win. He was in these polls to divide Kenyans along ethnic, regional and party lines using money and lies," the statement said.

Ruto thrives in chaos and division. He does not know how to lead a united and peaceful nation. He thrives on inventing enemies and proceeding to mobilize paid sycophants to fight those enemies.” Read the statement.


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