Cleric sneaks into his maid’s room and starts molesting her against her wish. Rapes her in the end

A Muslim cleric wearing Arafat head scarf was caught on camera sexually molesting his maid in the cover of darkness.


We have heard stories of African domestic workers going through hell in the hands of their employers in the Middle East.

Nevertheless people still fly to Arab nations in search of employment opportunities oblivious of the worrisome stories of inhumane treatment African domestic workers are accorded.

Viral video of an Arab man wearing Arafat head scarf sneaking into a room before he starts to sexually molest an African woman, has caused uproar on social media.

The narrator says the Arab man is a Muslim cleric while the woman is a Nigerian who works as a maid in Saudi Arabia.

The narrator claims the Muslim cleric had sexually molested his maid repeatedly; apparently the Nigerian maid wanted to show the world what she goes through in the hands of his employer so she decided to hide a camera and record the man sexually molest her.

The video shows the man creeping into her bedroom before he started caressing her breasts and eventually sacking them.

The narrator claims the man ended up raping the Nigerian lady though he didn’t show that part in the video for obvious reasons.

Watch the clip below:


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